Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Behind the Scenes: Own Time Own Target.

Went down to Siglap South CC to pass some coveralls to the OTOT gang yesterday and managed to catch a sneak peek of the rehearsals.

From L-R: CHARLIE (Nick Shen) and BOON (Nelson Chia) rehearsing for Radio Silence.

From L-R: Hansel Tan, Ghazali Mukazir, Terence Tay and Jonathan Lum 'back stage'.

Dwayne Lau.

Jonathan Lim.

Jon Lum in a 'kua si mi lan jiao?!' pose.

From L-R: JOHN (Jon Lum) and BOON in Radio Silence.

From L-R: CHARLIE, MUTHU (Terry) and FARHAN (Ghaz) in Radio Silence.

From L-R: CHARLIE and BOON in Radio Silence.

Hansel in Botak Boys.

From L-R: Hang Qian Chou, Dwayne and Terry in Botak Boys.

From L-R: Nelson, Ghaz, Jon Lum and Nick in Botak Boys.

From L-R: Terry and Dwayne in Botak Boys.

There's a video too but am waiting for Julian Wong to give the go-ahead before posting it up.


Ng Yi-Sheng said...

Aiyoh, the guys have Siglap South for rehearsals??? It's so inconvenient for transport... but the show looks good!

Laremy said...

It is awesome! Hurhuhur.

Oops - the show, I mean, not the inconvenience.

But er, it's three hours in total... So it might be a bit on the long side :S