Thursday, July 10, 2008

Come One, Come All!

I'm finally doing as a good free-range netizen should and inviting all the directors and playwrights of STF '08 - all the cast and crew eventually, maybe - to get on this virtual wagon and blogalong with me.

Why? Because I believe there's a great crop of plays in this year's festival, and it'd be plain evil of me to dominate this blog with my admonitions to buy tickets to "The Last Temptation of Stamford Raffles" (buy tickets from Sistic HERE!!!).

Instead, I'd like someone from every single one of the shows to be up here, documenting the rehearsal process, bump-in, performance trauma, critical response, and audience feedback. Sure, I'll pay visits to the other folks' shows, but I can't write it all myself.

(Maybe there'll even be someone who knows some basic html, so we can get this blog template looking a little less like patriotic shite. Whaddayasay?)

Anyway, here's some shots I took at the W!ld Rice second production meeting yesterday. Dig it.

(I'm not going to say whose set that's a mock-up of, so the curious will be forced to buy tickets to every single frickin' show to find out.)

I do also have one of my director Christina Sergeant over curry, but she'd murder me if I featured it. Today she grilled me over the unsubtlety of two of my expository lines and the general excresence of Scene Thirteen. I floundered a defence, but there'll be more to come.

Ooh! My leading man's flying in from Mumbai today! Can't wait.

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